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Process for improving belts conveyer's defects

Belts conveyor may have some defects during the operation. For example, the belts conveyer's wear, scratches and other phenomena. If the problem can not be solved in time, then it will have a great impact on the transport efficiency. Next, we will tell you how to improve these problems of belts conveyer.

There are two main ways to improve the process of belt conveyor defects. First, use rubber putty. Rubber putty is quick fix belts conveyer repair glue. When using this method, we must first treat belts conveyer's surface, at the repair site and the surrounding 2-3cm at the depth of the hair dryer or wood setback fight hair playing with wire conveyor special cleaning agents for cleaning decontamination, and then glue to mend, and finally make it dry fully. 48 hours after the patch maximum strength. Second method, casting method patch, this method has a good filling and pouring. It has strong adhesion, high abrasion resistance, tear resistance, flame retardant characteristics can meet the belts conveyer's common temperature patching, sealing, and the operating process is simple, good fluidity, solvent-free, non-toxic and tasteless, safe convenient to use, acid, alkali, salt, water, oil, a variety of chemical media, anti-aging, the Screw Conveyor results are quite satisfactory.

Only by appropriate way to repair the belts conveyer defects, then it has a better efficiency.

Post by uchconveyor (2012-12-25 23:08)

Tags: Belts conveyor Screw Conveyor belt conveyor

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